Names... I’m sort of lost...

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So we found out we were pregnant mid January and finally broke it to our at the time 4 yo that just turned 5 yesterday, she’s been begging for a baby sister for a couple years now so when she found out we were expecting she’s been overly excited since and kept saying it was her baby sister. Well we just have our mfm exam and it was confirmed we’re having a baby sister and we’re all over the moon excited because daddy and I wouldn’t know what to do with a boy if we had one. Well ever since she’s started asking for a baby sister she wanted to name her Ellie so daddy and I decided to name baby sister Ellie but that’s as far as we’ve gotten we’re all stumped on a middle name. We’re wanting to do an R middle name since dads, sister, and angel baby’s are all R middle names.

Dads name is Andrew Ryan Metcalf

Sisters name is Kymber Rayne Metcalf

Angel baby’s name is Aiden Rose Metcalf

Now baby sisters name is Ellie ____ Metcalf

Please any R middle name ideas that will go with Ellie would be greatly appreciated!

I’ve said Rion but dad isn’t on board with that so I’m lost.

The more unique the better Thanks in advance lovelies!

Pic of our oldest, her and I, and an ultrasound pic of baby Ellie.