Told my mom I didn’t want anything to do with her new boyfriend *READ*

I have major daddy issues. My dad was never in my life but for the first 6 years of my life I considered her boyfriend my dad. They broke up and she got engaged to another a few years later, and I didn’t like him. Since then she’s been in 3 relationships in 6 years and I never liked any of them. She is now talking to a new guy and they’re getting serious. This guy has a meth charge, larceny charges and just got out of jail for violating a protective order. He also overdosed on pills a couple years ago. I am 18 now and getting ready to go to college within the next year. The other day I told her I was not interested in meeting her new boyfriend, nor his daughter and family, and that I do not want to be involved with him at all. I met her other boyfriends’ families and kids but now that I am older I do not want to be involved with it anymore. She was really mad at me for saying it, but I don’t like her settling for less than what she deserves. I’m starting to feel like I shouldn’t have told her that and that I should have just sucked it up and get to know her new boyfriend