In a classroom 🙊🙈🙉

So me and my bf always do it at a motel but we can be at it for 10 minutes and neither of us cum. We are each other's first time. At the motel it started to hurt neing my first few times an all.

Last week we did it inside one of our University's classroom and fpr some reason, I'm not sure if it was the position or how it was unexpected, but it felt so good. No pain and everything was enjoyable.

I am low-key getting addicted to it now knowing how good it feels.

He cums way faster now and even tho we use condom he still pulls out qhen he feels like cuming and ten he gets scared of going for round 2 even tho we use protection.

Sadly I still take a while but Lord I still love it.

Specially if it's me on top.

Tho doggy style feels hellah good too. I can feel him more and it's such a different sensation and stronger in a good way.