Terrible cough

Giovanna • 👶🏻👼🏻👼🏻💔🤰🏻🌈due 12/13/19!

You guys, I’ve had this terrible cough for over two weeks now I mean probably at least 3 weeks...I have nasal congestion at night time and it is driving me insane!!!! I can’t help from peeing myself every darn time I cough. I literally have to wear a pad because I’m coughing so freaking much. I just want this gone! Any tricks or remedies you’d recommend? I’m currently 11w 6d pregnant. And this is my 4th pregnancy with only one live birth. Other two were early miscarriages. I don’t see my OB until Tuesday the 4th. I went to express care a few days ago for something unrelated and had them check me and they just gave me a nasal spray. I do not have allergies it’s not worse outside or anything like that. It’s like a dry cough. I sound like a freaking smoker the way I’m coughing. Sorry I’m ranting just miserable 😩