Official induction and my crazy mood!

It’s official I’m being induced at 37 weeks on June 14th! Two weeks and some days until I get to meet this precious little girl of mine 🎀! I feel so unprepared even though I have everything I need. I feel as though I had all the time in the world and now I have none. I’m trying not to stress. I know I’m in pain and am done getting kicked in the ribs and all the other pains/aches/shitty symptoms of pregnancy. BUT at the same

time am I ready for a child? I mean what is a few more weeks if she did come on time? She definitely took us by surprise when we found out we were pregnant and now she is coming early. She’s going to be feisty I can tell already. I have so many damn emotions and I don’t even know what to feel at this point. I’m so giddy because I know she will be here soon. I’m scared of not feeling prepared. I’m worried I’m not going to pass my classes because I was supposed to finish classes before she came now I am not. I’m happy I will have a baby but stressed about not sleeping and making sure I provide the best I can for my baby when she is so new. Sorry I know long rant but I am a FTM being induced three weeks before my due date. I was not expecting this and am living in shock everyday. It doesn’t feel real sometimes. I am just ready to meet my baby Paisley Ann 👶🏼🎀💕😍