Relationship issues

So recently my boyfriend just told me that he has been keeping something from me. He told me that when him and I broke up (for a month or maybe less than that) he had sex with his ex GF whom he was with for 5-6 years. He said after it happened he felt nothing and that kind of ended everything for them and they haven’t spoke since. I was very hurt that he lied to me about this for two years.. (when we got back together I had asked him if he had slept with her when they spoke and he told me NO to my face.) is it ok for me to be upset even though he were broken up? I can’t seem to get that off my mind and I don’t feel like I can trust him now. I feel like if he lied to me about that what else is he doing and lying to me about?

He also hid this from me for TWO years.