My cat is eating every pacifier we own.


I swear I could scream. My son has to have them for his reflux. She has eat 12 of them. Fucking 12. Im going fucking insane. 2 of them in less than 15 minutes! She’ll climb anything and everything she can to get to them. The second one this morning was next to my son in his bouncer, and she stole it from next to him! I’m so mad I can’t even deal right now. I don’t know what to do to make her stop. And if I can’t get her too then we’re going to have to find a new home for her. Her mom was a stray outside our house and they both ended up inskde when she delivered her because she was the only one that survived the cold before I found them. I love her, but she keeps trying to chew shit up.

She tried to chew up my sons owlet monitor yesterday when I gave him a bath.


UPDATE: if another person comes at me all shitty saying I’m not trying and I never should have gotten her in the first place and so on, keep reading before you start playing keyboard warrior. This kitten was born on my porch, and I took her and her mamma in to give them a safe and warm place to be. I WANT TO KEEP HER, but if we exhaust every other option and still can’t get her to stop, I will rehome her. Not to be mean, but because not being able to get it under control and is just being mad and upset with her isn’t fair to her. I am legitimately trying to remedy the problem, so don’t come at me on a pedestal.