Venting about my midwife/dr

I am 40 weeks and 4 days today. Seeing my dr in a few hrs. Is it wrong to ask my dr to induce me since i am so uncomfortable? Ik shes already gonna say something negative bc shes always been so negative throughout this whole pregnancy.

Like for ex: i only mentioned it i never said i was going to but i said before my due date i was planning on taking a week off before so that i can spend time with my two oldest and she chuckled and said ha thats not how it works in this country some women work until they have baby.

After her saying that i was just like sitting there not knowing what to say bc i never said i was going to i only said it was a thought. The appointment after that i was only sharing that i really hope this baby is a may baby but its ok if she comes in June as well and she goes omg all these desires.

Again I’m just sitting there like ok i said it was fine if she came in June i never said it wasn’t. Like idk how to feel i cant even go to her and be opened about something without her criticizing everything i say.

I wished my previous dr still did OBGYN but she no long does since she has been requested by Elderly people. With that dr i was able to be opened with her she always asked about how i was, how my husband and kids were as well as how things were at home. She always gave good suggestions if not referrals when something was wrong. Thats the difference i could see between these two. I mean the dr now is a midwife but i still call her dr to make it easier.

How would i go on about telling her if i could be induced ASAP bc i am so uncomfortable?