idk if i’m pregnant and should take a pill


yesterday we had sex and well after that 1st round we did have a condom then it was a little later and he wanted to try anal so we did but his dick went inside my vagina, i don’t think i could get pregnant from that yk but then yeah a while later we were done and he did cum in my ass he said right after to try and clean my self and to be careful from it dripping and not gonna lie i was wet and it was just like i don’t think i dripped bc i had put my hand right after and took it off and well i did touch my vagina but like a little later. i don’t think i could be pregnant right? i don’t have anyone that could buy me a pill my stomach hurts it kept me from sleeping and now i’m just worrying

okay so what if i don’t take the pill and i don’t have cum inside me how bad will it fuck me up?

okay update and i took the pill