Need some help ladies, how far along am I? Tested once in April tested in May

No rude comments please just tryna find some answers

April 20th I took a test in the night. After about 5 minutes I got this on my test (right test) I know it says 3 minutes but why did the test move very slowly and why did 2 likes appear even though one is very small?

I thought it was to late to receive that so that morning I took another. (Left test) it clearly said negative so I was like ok. I’m not pregnant a day later April 22nd I started my “”period”” it was extremely light so I was like is this even my period?

But at that moment I just rolled with it.

May 20th I took another test (bottom picture) my period wasn’t suppose to come till May 24th but I just had a feeling.

I did my test and within seconds I got that line immediately , as you can see my pee was still taking its time on the test and I had already got an answer

So I started thinking. Have I been pregnant since April ?

End of June is my first appointment. My drs office won’t do any earlier appointments not even to see how far along I really am

Another reason I’m curious is beginning of May I did have alot of drinking days and I’m worried I was already pregnant ☹️