Letrozole (femara)


Ok so here's a little back story. I was diagnosed with pcos when I was 16 I was always underweight never overweight when I was growing up. I started gaining weight around the age 25 as I started fertility treatments. I ballooned up to over 300lbs (5'7" btw) and I could never lose it. Well I lost my mom in 2011 and stopped eating. I lost down to 254lbs and got pregnant with my now 6 year old daughter in 2012. Gained back up to 306lbs and could not lose it. I have wls last July and I have officially lost 126lbs, I am currently 180lbs. I got pregnant in October with triplets but miscarried at 7w 2d. I have been pregnant every month since then with exception to January and this month but never carrying past 4w 4d. The doctor said that even though my pcos was cured due to the surgery, the lingering effects didn't leave. I have low progesterone so he prescribed me femara to take this cycle. I am wondering if anyone has success stories that they are willing to share with me so I can feel better about taking this drug? How many cycles did it take, how old were or are you? Did you have a healthy pregnancy/ baby? Would you do it again? Did you have twins or more at any point while taking femara?