Period or something else?


This could be a little long so bare with me.

So my periods have been regular except maybe one two days off early and late. My last period was April 28th - May 1st. I get cramps, and boobs get sore that's completely normal signs it's on the way and that usually starts 3-4 days before my period comes. Well I was slightly cramping for about a week and still am but its not bad, like I don't need midol for them. I've had headaches not usual before I get my periods. I wouldn't even call them cramps it's just annoying but not painful. Last Friday I was throwing up like bile a few times but not alot. Starting on the 28th this month I have brown watery discharge. Usually my period goes light then gets heavy by the midway through the first day and my second day it's like jaws bit my ass off. Well it's just been this watery brown discharge and it's not heavy but it feels wet down there but when I go look nothing on my panty liners only when I wipe or stick the toilet paper at my opening. This is not the normal for me either. Has anyone had anything similar?