Perinatal visit before conceiving?

Chelsae • Wife 💍 Micro Preemie Mom 👶🏼

Hey y’all! I went to a new OBGYN today and didn’t really get any answers. I had a miscarriage last year due to low progesterone but I also have kidney disease. I was wanting to try progesterone cream since I have low progesterone and am having issues with TTC. My nephrologist gave me the go ahead to get pregnant. My kidney disease IS progressing so we’re getting to the time where it’s now or never. I was told they wouldn’t do anything unless I lost another pregnancy but I can’t even get pregnant so that’s the problem. It’s been 13 months since my miscarriage. Anyway, she’s wanting me to see a high risk doctor before I get pregnant. I’ve never heard of anyone seeing them prior to pregnancy. Has anyone else done this?