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I was at Walmart in Lafayette Louisiana and There was a lady walking around with a newborn baby holding the baby axing for money around the parking lot meanwhile it is summertime the heat in Louisiana is real this woman was drenching In sweat and so is her baby keep in mind this baby is literally a newborn baby a newborn so the lady proceeded to walk to my vehicle and asked me for money I gave her $20 and I stayed in the parking lot and I called the police on her and told the police there is a woman with a newborn child in the middle of the parking lot at Walmart could they send a deputy to come get her and take her to a homeless shelter because it’s way too hot for her to be out here with a newborn child if she would’ve been outside by her self I wouldn’t have done it but the child just got to me in a way that he shouldn’t have. It’s 102 degrees here you sweat if you walk to the mailbox I was in tears on the phone w the police actually tears were running down my face.

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