It only goes downhill from here

Alicia • 19/Michigan/ taken by a lovely man 💙

That’s what a few of my family members have told me. Not all of them but a few. I’ve just graduated and turned 18. But I don’t believe it goes downhill. And it kinda makes me upset that they say that, even if they are joking. Because if it goes downhill how are adults successful? I know college isn’t easy but your life only goes downhill if you let it. I worked my butt off to graduate after no one thought I would. And the moment when I put my tassel on the left side I felt so proud of myself and what I accomplished. I struggled a lot in highschool and I know the work only gets harder but I’m going to bust my ass to become a successful and educated woman. So if anyone says that to you tell them, no it doesn’t. It only would if I let it, and I won’t.