This Sucks...Mom Guilt!

I go back to work tomorrow 😭 My mother-in-law who lives in a different state arrived yesterday. She's going to be staying with us for 2 months this summer to watch my daughter so that she's a little older when she begins daycare and so we can save a little extra money. I knew my daughter was attached to me but I didn't realize how bad. Today we have given her to my MIL to hold, change diaper, put down for a nap and she just cried the whole time!! 😭 Finally had to give her back to me to calm her down. I hope my baby gets used to having someone else take care of her soon. I guess I should have left her more with other people when I was on maternity leave but I just didn't want to. (She is exclusively breastfed but has taken a bottle and does great with the bottle). I'm so nervous she is just going to cry all day while I'm at work... What can I do?? I also feel bad for my MIL who will not have an easy time with her at first.