TMI: I know I’ve posted a lot but trying not to overreact. HELP!!


ETA: I’m aware mucus plug grows back just part of What I’m experiencing so thought it was important to include!

Okay so came home this evening and my mucus plug that I have been losing for awhile came out but this time with brown/pink streaks in it. Not long after I started having some cramping and dull aches in my lower back. Now I feel pressure (like I have to poop but can’t go) and when I wipe there’s pink blood on the TP.. along with feeling pretty nauseas.

I plan on calling my dr in the morning but have no idea if this is cause for emergency or to go to the hospital or not and would like some advice! TIA.

37 weeks pregnant but measuring 2 weeks ahead if that helps.

I have a few pics of mucus plug and when I wipe! Let me know if I need to post in comments.