33+5 with Di/Di twins

Jessica • Phlebotomist momma 💉 have one precious baby girl 04.2018 & twins on the way 💕

So last Wednesday I went into my non stress test (routine) because one is measuring smaller than the other not by much but they are monitoring it, well while I was there I was having contractions very irregular but the whole time so they had the ob come check me and I was 80 effaced and still closed. Thank goodness!

Fast forward to this weekend the irregular contractions never stopped even with a ton of water and rest.

Now starting yesterday I've been having where my lower back is tensing up it almost feels like and comes around the side to the front. I just drank more water and rested and it kept happening periodically and still is.

Last night I woke up around 2 am because I was in a contraction which made me super nauseous and then I had a soft stool. Tried taking a shower didn't help and was still having some contractions pretty decent ones just like 8-10 mins apart. Now when I lay down I still have them they just don't feel as strong as when I'm standing or walking. I barely got any sleep last night so I decided to stay home from work this morning.

I plan on calling the doctor when they open but does anyone have any insight on this? I don't wanna go to the hospital if it's just false labor but this is soooo much different than my first pregnancy. Any help would be appreciated.

Thanks Mama's!!