Waited until marriage w/ husband


So, my husband and I have both had sex before meeting one another. Even though we grew up as Christians & loving Jesus, we still have a past just like anyone. We don’t judge or condemn ANYONE who has/had sex before marriage because, well, we did lol. We understand the temptation and the natural urges and how crazy hard it is to control lust. With each other and our Faith in Christ, we did not have sex until we got married. And let me tell you.... that honey moon was straight FIRE. I am now having guilt free sex with the love of my life, worshiping Jesus with pure Joy, and just simply love that I chose to finally fall in love Spiritually, mentally, and THEN physically!

Side note: I kinda just want to put it out there that I finally have a man I’ve prayed for and I LOVE making love to the man & I LOVE my savior Jesus. Just over joyed!