Where to go from here


My period is nearly 2 weeks late now.Ive had 2 negative test .one last week on Wednesday and one last night .I had plenty of unprotected sex on the days I ovulated .Id love a baby ,but I feel a little silly sitting here wondering what's going on with me .

Ive had no pregnancy symptoms other then maybe my back hurting more ,but that could be written off by work . No cravings,nausea in the mornings once in a while,no discharge ,not even normal clear junk .

Just seems like a mystery ~

Any advice ? I go in for a pap smear next month or sooner . As soon as an ear infection goes away .should I wait it out and ask then?

It wasn't bothering me the first week I missed it I figured it would show considering it was a negative test .Now I'm at 2 weeks and am like " well now I want to know !" Lol