My boyfriends mother

Jade • Expecting my first 12/24/19❤️

So! I am 11 weeks pregnant, & my boyfriends mom is quite involved so far as I would want her to be. This will be her first grand baby & I realize this is an exciting time for her. But...

I’m having an issue with her specifically talking about the birth.. like she wants to record it. I told her I’m not really into that and I would like to not be recorded. And she continued on saying maybe I’ll change my mind.

Not even a week later she already is bringing it up again (keep in mind, I’m only 11 weeks and this is my first baby.) it’s just making me a bit uncomfortable.. she says well I recorded both my births. I’m like yeah I get that but I just personally don’t want to. Then we went to lunch with my boyfriend, his mom, & her aunt & she told me her aunt recorded her birth & they went on to say yeah I could record your birth for you!

Since when is my boyfriends moms aunt being in the room during the birth???

Am I so horrible for feeling like this? Has anybody delt with this before? I’m really afraid this will cause problems between us if she keeps on bugging about it, I could see her being a little petty about it. I just truly would be uncomfortable & do. not. want. it!

Any thoughts or experiences would be lovely!