FYI about birth control! Possibly pregnant!


So I have been getting my period a ton and awful and heavy and lasts like 8 days! I stopped breastfeeding at 6 months which was 2 months ago my primary care doctor told me abnormal periods would happen until it regulated itself! Yesterday I emailed her because I got my period heavy again after it had just ended 3 days prior. She asked me what birth control I was on and I let her know it was Camila which is a no estrogen birth control because I was breast feeding prior and that's what my obgyn prescribed. Well what my obgyn failed to mention is that it was not quite as effective after you stop breastfeeding and should start a new pill!! Currently on my way to get a pregnancy test before I start my new pill!! Just sharing in case anyone else was left in the dark because I know I'm sure not ready to be pregnant again yet!!!