So I passed out today

sunflower 🌻🐝 • 💖 4/30/13 💙06/25/14 💖1/2/16 💖8/14/19

Idky but I often pass out when I’m pregnant. I’m standing in line with my kids outside at this festival I just ate and I had water so that’s not why. It’s not hot here today where I am. But I’m standing in line and my heart starts racing and it’s starting to be hard to take a deep breath. Then my vision starts starts to get weird like I can’t see what’s right in front of me.

So I sit down in the grass for a few minutes and I feel fine. So I stand back up and it gets worse. My heart is really racing now cause I’m panicking and I really can’t breathe now cause I’m panicking so I grab my kids and get out of line and as soon as I take one step I pass out, Face first.

When I wake up there’s this lady trying to help me and a man I can hear them fine but I still can’t see. I lay there for what seems like a long time, I get back up and I’m fine. So I grab my kids and we leave cause I don’t think I can stand in the lines with them. Anyone else feeling faint or passing out?