I got pregnant with my very first cycle of <a href="">IVF</a> with a fresh transfer. They transferred two embryos and only one beautiful girl stuck. I’m 32 years old she is 15 months! She gave me a really hard time in a lot of ways but also brought me so much joy! I believe I had postpartum depression so that could have been it too!

Well I’m ready for another baby and I’m just terrified to have twins! I was ok with it before my daughter but now that I know the work it takes and also how I felt after I’m terrified. I’m going to do a fresh transfer soon and wanted to know.

Do you think I should transfer one or two embryos considering that only one stuck for me the first time? Idk if I should take the chance and the money to only do one. At the same time idk what I would do if I had twins. ( I know if I only transfer one there’s a chance for it to split) 😭 help!