Heating Pad

Emily • Not Slim, kind of Shady. Due Jan 2020

I feel like I post all the time on here asking silly questions😬 But I haven’t even been to my doc yet, I go next week, so I’m too nervous to ask them questions like this ...

So, I bought a really nice heating pad off of amazon when I first found out I was expecting. I’m 6 weeks and my lower back has already started hurting. So I’ve been using it every night. I mainly like the feeling of heat anyways, it makes me sleepy and I like being warm to go to sleep. But sometimes I roll around onto my tummy to go to sleep so I end up having the heating pad on my tummy. It’s not all night because my heating pad turns off at 2 hours... but now I’m worried.. google says not to use a heating pad for more than 10 min on back or tummy. But my sister lived on hers with both her boys and they’re fine... ☹️ now I’m kind of freaking out.. because I love it.