D & C, Medication or wait it out? 😭

Kirsten 👼🏻

I’m 8 weeks. Never had an ultrasound. I found out my HCG was low and started to drop 48 hours later. (1,814 to 1,677) My doctors office has been terrible. I have an appointment Monday when I’m guessing I’ll be offered options. I’m supposed to leave for vacation Thursday 😭 I seriously don’t even know what I should do. How can I chance being on vacation and suddenly begin the process? Or won’t I still be bleeding by then if I did one of the other procedures? I’d prefer getting it over ASAP but I’m scared with the D&C. Help?! Advice? This sucks. Also found out my progesterone was low at 4.3. Any experiences with that would be great too! This was my first pregnancy.