RANT (friends/relationships)

Sorry i have to but its bothering me.. i have a best friend were been friends for more than ten years and literally never have done anything sexually. A year ago i got a boyfriend and recently she got hers. We joke about telling each other OMG WE HAVE TO LET THE OTHER PERSON KNOW WHEN WE HAVE SEX, laughing. So recently i have done it with my boyfriend for the first time ever and i told her but in a omg WE DID IT AAAAAAH. Then LITERALLY SHE MESSAGES ME A WEEK LATER “gosh i cant even walk” “we did it today and yesterday” “am i the only one” like ???? Why do i need to know that?? And by saying “am i the only one” like shes trying to be relatable or something. And she told me when we hung out last that she was telling her boyfriend she wasnt ready but a week later after i told her she does it. Its like a competition to her or something??? And their relationship is literally like a highschool one idk it bothers me its like so cringe?? Were both out of highschool btw but yea rant over