SO just pisses me off

Haylee • Mommy of Corbin and baby #2 on the way.

Anyone else’s SO just piss them off, I’ve been in l&d all day having contractions, they gave me a shot to stop them (I’m 35+4 weeks) and I’m trying to wash all of baby boys stuff so I can pack his hospital bag because I’m not sure he’s gonna stay put much longer. SO keeps yelling at me to turn the light off, and move out of the way because he’s trying to play stupid Xbox 🙄 I literally slammed the bedroom door and currently crying in the bathroom . He doesn’t understand that baby boy can come early and what I’ve been through today at l&d plus my nerves about getting everything washed and done and I’m so scared baby boys lungs won’t be developed enough and he will be put in the NICU 😭😭 sorry I’m just ranting but I can’t stop crying now