Torn muscles in stomach. Help!!


So about a week ago I posted where I had the worst day ever and that I felt a pop or snap from inside my belly. It hurt like hell and I walked it off cause it was almost time to get off work. So fast forward I had my appointment this past Monday and described what had happened. She said that I literally torn my abdominal muscles. She said they are basically in two one on each side of my stomach instead of in front. She made me feel very calm tho. She said it’s a normal thing, it happens to some women. But I HAVE NEVER heard of this. Can anyone help me out on the best ways to help form having stomach pains?? I’m on my feet for a 13 hour shift. I work retail and inventory is coming up so now I’ll be working 6 days a week at 13 hour shifts. I’ve read where some women use maternity belts, some use tape. I’m a FTM and just want some opinions on best practices to help. Oh and I also have SPD. I had a wonderfully easy pregnancy up to this point lol. I’m currently 29weeks and 1 day. August needs to hurry lol.