Need opinions.

Samantha • Brady 11/27/14 💙 Luca 7/7/19 💙

I’m not one to complain about my husband, he is a really great guy and works very hard for us.

But I have hit such a wall with him lately before I ask him to sit down and talk to bring up everything frustrating me I need some opinions on if maybe I’m overreacting.

My husband has anxiety disorder and is medicated for it. He hit and all time low when we had our son 4 years ago and was in & out of mental health facilities. He has done so well in the past 2 years turning it around and finding what helps him. Through it all I was by his side, taking care of our son, the house, the bills, & him. Anything that needed done, because that’s what wives do.. we’re a team and he needed me. But I don’t feel like that’s being reciprocated to me when I’m 8 months pregnant & needing him. Anyway he started a new job in January that is semi high-stress in the financial industry and we are expecting our second baby next month. It seems like the closer we get to my due date the worse he is getting & he’s blaming his new job. He wakes up in a bad mood & comes home in a bad mood. I have to practically beg him to help me with anything baby related that needs done. (Took him 3 weeks of me asking him daily to put the crib together and it wasn’t until he came home and he found me trying to do it myself that he actually did it) I’ve asked him to help me get things cleaned & organized since I’m 35 weeks now and all he does is complain. He works full time and I stay home with our son so I take care of all of the errands, paying bills, taking care of the house, making appointments etc. I’m tried! I’m sore! And I really don’t ask for a lot other than he does the dishes because the smells still make me nauseous. He “forgets” to even do that! He’s so snappy and short tempered with our son that I feel bad when I go to work and leave them alone because I know they just fight all day long and that’s not any fun. I’m having a lot of trouble sleeping due to being uncomfortable so if I’m woken up it takes me an hour or more to get back to sleep. My husband stays up much later than me and then will come into our room at night being loud and banging things and I get woken up, every single night. I’ve told him how much that’s affecting me but nothing changes, he doesn’t try to be quiet at all. Last night we threw a birthday party at our house for his best friend and I was the one who made all of the food (with the help of my sweet 4 year old) and then I was also the one stuck cleaning it all up, cleaning the entire house up, and getting our son bathed and ready for bed on top of getting his baseball stuff set out for the morning and my stuff ready to be at work in the morning. My husband ended up leaving and going out with his friend and not helping with bed at all. His shift at work during the week is typically 12-9pm so I do bed time on my own every night and was looking forward to the break. We even agreed that he could still go out with his friend after he helped get our son in bed but he totally disregarded that and left while I was cleaning up the party. He didn’t come home until 2 am knowing that I have to be at work at 7am and he’s in charge of getting our son up, fed, dressed and to his baseball game by 8:30. I had to have my mother in law go over to my house this morning to get our son ready for baseball and take him to his game where my husband said he will “meet them there” and went back to sleep. Meanwhile our 4 year old is saying he misses daddy because he barely sees him during the week with that shift and then my husband does stuff like this and totally ruins his time with him on the weekend while I’m working. I planned on sitting down with him tonight after I get off work and telling him how I’m feeling and let him know that I’m tired of feeling like we don’t come first to him. But I also don’t want to bring all of this up if I’m possibly over reacting.