Anorexic weight gain!!


From the start of 2013 and into 2015, I was anorexic. I knew the harms my eating disorder had on my body, but my obsession with trying to get thin took over my every move. I got down to 102 pounds, which was my lowest before I started getting scared and told my parents my problems. It was hard, but 6 years later, I’ve gained 25 pounds and the most wonderful man for four years!! It’s hard at times to see these pictures of myself, but I know they only show honesty and self-control. In some of these pictures I feel as though I almost look dead in the eyes.


Now, the most recent pictures!!

Got myself a booty!!

& some thighs!!

I feel as though I have successfully restored my body’s missing fat from 3 years. After gaining it back, the fat stayed in areas of my body in fear it would happen again, so now I’m just a healthy petite girl! Haha.

Thank y’all for your support!!