Update:: Shower Disappointment


5 days later she is still going strong, BP is 54/30.... this woman is on a different level 😂

This past Friday my husband gets a call from his dad telling him his grandma is in septic shock and her time is limited. Of course my husband calls his siblings and they all drive 2 hours to say there good byes.

My Husbands grandma has not been in good shape in the 4 years we have been together. She is bed-written, can’t eat, can’t sit up, can’t hear and so on. We all knew her time was ending but let me tell you this lady has more lives then a cat. Early this morning my MIL calls me and tells me they are canceling my shower... I am bummed but of course I understand. So I call everyone and cancel....

Thennnn I get another phone call from my MIL saying grandma is stable and is TALKING 😳 Hahahah say what??? This women was literally just on life support with a DNR signed and now she’s alive and kicking 😂 she is 87 years old!!

Of course my shower will get rescheduled but due to my husbands LARGE family we are not sure when we can reschedule (lots of open houses and weddings) so my MIL says we can do the 2nd week in August I’m Due August 29th 🤦‍♀️

BTW this is the 4th time she has “cried wolf” so everyone jumps on a plane, drives hours to say goodbye and then a few days later SURPRISE grandma is all good.