Would u stay with a boyfriend who lied about his age and was much older? (You found out his true age on your own using a background check)

I've been in an on and off relationship with my now ex for almost 2 years this coming August. He is my first ever boyfriend. He is currently in Airforce training for 4 months in another state. We have been texting since May since he didn't have access in the first two months. I know he is busy training but I didn't wanna wait to the end of the month when he'd be done and back to dicuss our problem properly in person. He tends to kiss and touch me when we are having an issue and it makes me forget what the agenda of our conversation was or he tells me to forget it. Anyway, he had to leave while we were in the midst of us fixing our relationship in March. He says we are serious and wants to marry me since day 1 but we mostly kiss and I give him(TMI srry) lots of oral like a friends with benefit thing but I don't get enough oral to my liking, only 4 times and hes gotten more than I can remember. I broke it off last night on June 7 via facebook messenger because I found out he's been lying to me about his age. When we met I was 19 and he was 21. This year I'm 21 and he should be 23. But he told me he is turning 24 this summer. ?? He said he doesn't count his age by his date but he rounds when it comes close to January and December ?? I don't believe that makes any sense to do. So I did a background check on him and found him!( I paid money, 95 cents ) It had all 2 of his previous addresses, including another state apartment and the city, and all apartment numbers. I have been to one of the old apartments and the current one. They had his name and middle initial and everything down to a tea! So I said to myself, okay this seems legit. But what tripped me out even more was the age. It said that this man was 29 yrs born in jan 1, 1990!! So, I asked him if he was sure that he was gonna be 24 this summer 2019. He said yes to me and that he was getting pissed off I'm asking him that question over and over.. I NEED to know tf? He also called me really stupid if I don't know how to count the way he did to get from 21 to 24 in 2 years....i told him thats its not possible the way he did it and I tried the math over and over and still get 23 everytime! He really made me think I' m crazy, Am I crazy y'all? I feel like trusting the background check over him because we haven't had a real great relationship. This age thing just topped everything off for me. Either the background check is lying or he is.... I'd like to take my chances that he was lying since day 1 of me knowing and getting into a relationship with him. P.S. The website I used for the background check was https://www.intelius.com

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