Heated weird moment!!! Also I have a question


So I hadn’t seen my husband for a while due to some training he had to do out of town for work. Since he left he would call and text each day and shared how his day was and we would always talk about how much we missed each other. The day finally came and I was feeling anxious to see him, hug him and kiss him. When he gets home we quickly ran into each other’s arms and kissed and hugged :) I admired him from head to toe (his a man in uniform) and he looked so good and sexy. We talked for a while and he brought me some gifts that I wasn’t expecting and that was so sweet of him. Anyways, suddenly he tells me “So are you gonna give me some?” I was on my period and almost done and he knew that so I said “Well you know I’m on my period so I’ll give you a really good BJ” he said he liked the idea. We went to our room and made out before the action started. I slowly made my way down on him and started doing my thing 😆 after about 10 minutes of me working on it he suddenly tells me he wants me “Babe I missed you so much and I know your on your thing but I really want to have you in my arms and take you all up” 😳 coming from a man that doesn’t really like to have sex while I’m on my period..,he surprised me...a lot! It was awkward and a bit weird. I had never been in this situation. I’ve known him for 8 years, dated 6 and already going to 2 years of marriage. I was so impressed and surprised that a slowly said “Ok then fuck me.” We did our thing but it was so weird. We made love on the floor, yes on the floor! The decision happened so quick that we just took the moment and made love so akwardly loving and cute. I liked it though it felt good and being in his arms made me so happy and also horny🥰 So this also leads me to a question...can I get pregnant while on my period? It was my 3rd day. It was light and I felt fine, no cramps or bloating of any kind. My period usually last 4-6 days. Should I be concerned?