I don’t know what to do

Alicia • 18 /Michigan

My aunt is obsessed with me getting an internship somewhere. I love her to death and she’s helping me get a school computer but I don’t want to do that

I struggled enough in highschool having a full time internship job while learning how to be a college student doesn’t sound fun at all. A lot of internships don’t pay also. And I just got hired at Dunkin’ Donuts (at least I think cuz they haven’t called me like they were supposed to, to let me know when my shift starts). I showed my disinterest in it multiple times by telling her that I don’t want to start off with an insane job as my first job. I doubt that any of those places will want me cus I have no idea to do shit at those types of places. I’ve been trying to not be rude at all but idk what to say. After that message I told her I have a resume (which I told her before) and that I just got hired. I appreciate her for pushing me to succeed but I don’t want to do an internship for my first job and I’m not even cut out for it. I have no job experience and social anxiety. Having Dunkin’ Donuts as a first job is a great way to interact with people and learn skills. Also she just texted saying she’s talking about after my summer. What do I say?! There’s no way I can juggle a job like that with college. I’m sure some people can but I can’t. I don’t need a job that’s challenging me at the same time college is because I’ll shut down and get stressed out. And those types of jobs require a lot of work, which I need to be putting into college