Crazy fast birth


Well it started at my sis in law house on Saturday at 38 weeks. She gave me some kemchi. Well about 15 minutes later I started contacting again. Been contracting for a weeks non stop. So my husband and I go home. I get in the bath and get in bed. Around 8 PM contractions are starting to get painful. 9 PM same contractions. Around 10:30 PM we decided it's time to go to er. For a week I was 1 finger tip dilated, 60 % thinned. So we get to hospital go up to labor and delivery and get put to triage. Was just here the night before (Friday) for the same thing. Well check my cervix. This time I'm 3 cm, 100 % thinned out. Oh shit. Go time. So we walk the hall for an hour get checked again and I'm 4 cm. Cool. Get in a room get and epidural right away. Cool this is taking all the pain away. Well I start to eventually feel pressure so I call the nurse to check me. She comes in and tells me i am now a 5. Busts water. Ok cool. It is now around 7:00 am. Well about 7:30 I feel bad pressure again. Nurse comes to check me. Stopped what she was doing and called stat. Oh shit what is wrong. Well I am 10 and baby head is right there. Well damn. I push and push. Got to watch from the big mirror. Well 8:15. My son is here. 7lbs 14oz. 20 1/2 inches. Ps. Successful vbac.