Maybe you ladies can help or have had similar experiences. The picture below is a test I took Saturday, I’ve taken 2 that look like this(the second line is super faint but very much there), went to a dr. On Sunday took their urine test and it was negative....

The dr told me to wait a week and re-test which didn’t explain how 2 home pregnancy tests show a faint second line but the drs didn’t.. Has anyone else had this experience with home tests being positive it drs being negative and were you actually pregnant?

Back story, my husband and I have 3 birth children and are currently adopting a child, I have the IUD and we don’t want ANY more children, 4 is enough for us. My last child was also and opps and he was conceived while I was on the pill and my husband was using condoms. We actually just made an appointment for him to get a vasectomy.