Omg finally have a date!


I’m 39+3 and my doctor just messaged me through our portal that they set my induction date for Friday the 21st which is my due date! It was originally supposed to be tomorrow but the hospital is all booked for inductions but obviously it looks like they made some room for me! I’m very favorable so he isn’t worried about a long labor for me. I was 2 1/2 cm 80% effaced last Thursday. My family lives a long ways away so I’m so happy it’s planned and I don’t have to stress if anyone will even be there or who will have my son. I have a 20 month old and I’m worried about who will watch him and how that will go down so it’s even better it will be over the weekend that I’m in the hospital. I’m so nervous and can’t believe in 4 days we finally get to meet our second boy and our lives will be so different! Unless I go into labor on my own which is very possible I feel so relieved now!