Baby bean born at 36w 4d


When I thought I still have over 3 weeks left till my little one arrive, I was so wrong 🙈 Baby bean decided that it wanted to come out sooner.

All started the day before when I started to feel leaking, like I was peeing myself here and there. In my head I didn’t really think much of it as I had it in my head that my water break would be a huge gush of fluids. So I go about 4 hours like this and decide “you know what, I’ll go to the hospital get it checked out just to make sure”. Two hours later they confirmed my water broke and fully admitted just passed midnight June 13.

Was started on oxytocin at 6 am as I was not having any contractions and only 2 cm dilated. I can say the epidural was a life saver. Tried to hold off as long as possible but called for it after 1:30 pm.

By then was checked again and only 3 cm. At that time I had reached the soft max of the oxytocin and was approved to go to the hard max to hope to speed things up. Almost reached the hard max and baby’s heart rate drops drastically as they stop the oxytocin and get to to roll on my side to see if that helps with baby. I does! By then too much time has passed and have to start right back at the beginning with the oxytocin and was told it could delay the labour for a little longer. Was a little bit crushed when told this as I just wanted my baby.

Get to 5 pm and finally 5 cm and starting to feel pressure in my lower uterus. Nurse told me that’s good, it means baby is descending. Yay baby! I end up getting a top up on epidural as the pressure gets to be too much for me. Then around 7 pressure is back but it feels like I need to push something up out like a big poop. Gets checked out and I’m fully 10 cm dilated and baby is ready to come!!

My nurse was going over the coaching and telling me on average for first times mom push for 2-4 hrs. In my head after hearing this I was like oh hell no am I pushing for that long. Anyways got already and began pushing just after 7:15pm and by 7:42pm my baby bean was born, weighing at 7lb 1 oz 😭

Greyson Alaber-Lewis