I'm 13 and recently have been taken out of school, I was diagnosed in year 5 with a condition called chronic fatigue syndrome and was out of school for 3 months and since then I struggled to even just get a week of school in.

I barely made it 3 days sometimes in year 7 and now I'm in year 8 and have been completely taken out of school doing home school.

I have no friends

And I feel like a failure.

I feel like I'm going to go nowhere in life and stay on my mum's sofa

I was hoping to get stuff together and get back to school and me hopefully be more better to go to school 7 days a week

But I know I'm just going to wake up and feel like I can't do it and I won't because that's what I do I don't push myself and I stay in the same places

I just feel like I'm a flop

Some of my cousins even have told me I'm getting nowhere in life and it breaks my heart cause I know it might be true

Does anyone have any advice