Could I be? UPDATE


Hi ladies,

I posted on this board last week because the day before af was supposed to start I thought I had a vvf BFP. Sure enough, the next day af came. She seemed about the same in terms of flow however she was only heavy for about two days and then I had spotting for 4 days after. Since the beginning of this cycle I have felt bouts of nausea, but rarely if any cramping and now, 3 days after my “period” ended. I’ve been feeling nauseous on and off since yesterday and as I type this now I feel like I may throw up. I had an itching feeling to take an frer and this was the result within the time frame.

Do you see something? It’s far more dark and pink in person.

UPDATE: I took an frer this morning and it was BFN. I’m completely confused and am just chalking the BFP up to a shotty test.