Everyone is pregnant 😭

I feel like everyone around me conceived so easily 😞 . My best friend is pregnant after being off of bc for 2 weeks , my friend’s kid sister is pregnant after having a kid 4 months ago , and I’m not kidding about 15 old friends of mine are pregnant or just had a baby , my sister got has 3 kids and became pregnant twice while on birth control . I am genuinely happy for them and adding to their families but I’m just ready for it to be my turn . My boyfriend and I have been trying for 13 months and nothing . I have been taking my medicine , exercising more , eating better, doing everything my doctor has told me to do and still nothing . I feel like something is wrong with me and everyone says it will happen when it’s meant to but they don’t know what it’s like to have to genuinely not know if you will ever be able to be someone’s biological mother . Sometimes I feel like I will always be an Aunt and never a Mom 😞