We may get arrested tonight...


My husband got home after 9 from work. We loaded up stuff to take to our storage unit. (I got in a really clean-y mood today and gathered all stuff that wasn’t needed in our house after we moved.)

We went to storage and cannot get into our unit! We have both keys but they aren’t working for some reason! My husband went and got the lock picking set a friend let him borrow to play with...no luck. He called the friend and had him come try, still nothing. They are currently out in the rain trying to cut the lock off the unit because the friend found some bolt cutters in his grandparents’ garage. I’m sure we look super sketchy out here at almost 10:30 at night! I’m honestly surprised no cops have shown up yet, as we’re just off a major highway.

Our SUV is FULL of stuff, and I babysit in the morning, so we don’t want to take everything back in the house 🤦🏼‍♀️