He changed my life!


I love him so much! He makes me feel invincible and I have nothing to ever worry about again. He makes me feel smart. And he tells me everyday I'm beautiful.

When we first moved in with each other I didnt expect to take such a rollercoaster adventure.

We started out by getting our big boy.

Then we got our little peanut.

A few month in I got really really sick. I started passing out for no reason. We couldn't figure out what it was so I was out of work for two months and had to find a new job. Turns out it was the Nexplanon I had. (Very very very rare. Dont worry if you have it.) During this time I got super super depressed felt like he could do better than struggling with me. So I did the unimaginable. He called 911 and rushed home and met me at the hospital. I had to be is the psychiatric ward over night and he picked me up the next day. I thought he was for sure going to break up with me. But he stuck by my side.

So I ended up getting the Nexplanon removed and got a new job. This made my depression lighten up a little and I wasnt passing out anymore. Now seeing I got my new job in December it is now June we struggle occasionally but we are officially at a point where we are not eating ramen everyday because that's all we can afford. During this wild journey I ended up getting in a cat accident and getting screwed over by progressive

And ended up getting a moped.

Taking adorable picture of our cats

And learning that everyday I actually gain more love for him than the day before. And I'm so happy to say that at the end of September we are moving to Beaumont, California to we closer to his biological family. We currently live in Wisconsin. We are moving in with his family until we get on our feet. I am happy to start this new adventure with him 💕❤