Kay • Pharmacist 👩🏽‍⚕️ Wifey 💍 Angel Mama 👼🏼 🌈baby due 8/4/19

I have to share because I’m so dang excited! Our sweet rainbow baby is due August 4th🌈 and we are NOT finding out the gender until birth. I ordered these off of Etsy and got them in the mail today and they are perfect 💕 We aren’t telling our family the names either so it’s all a big secret! This is an extra special baby after our losses, having to undergo infertility treatment, and then this sweet baby starting out as a twin..... ah! We can’t wait to have him or her in our arms ♥️ Hubby and I have had these names picked out for years and it’s so real to see them on the onesies!

Etsy shop: 🛍 doebello