Birthday for mom

My moms birthday along with mine and my grandmas, are all tomorrow, the 19th. She just made me upset and blamed me and my sisters for not doing anything because she is turning 50 and that’s a “big milestone”. But i’m also turning 16 and so is that. and nobody’s doing anything for me?? She’s acting like none of us fucking care about her when in reality. we all have $0 and it’s HARD as fuck to plan something that she would genuinely enjoy doing because she’s picky. Then i ask her why she

keeps bringing it up and trying to make me feel bad for it after she had said “i’m not trying to start stuff” and she’s said. YOU MISINTERPRETED WHAT I SAID. HOW THE FUCK COULD THAT GET MISINTERPRETED. FILCIMG SMFKSKDKSKDJSJD. any ideas for her Bday so she doesn’t kill me?