Don’t know what to put.


Need help girlies!

Me and my Fiancé decide at the end of April we were planning to start a family,

Now my periods back to normal and everything is working as if should be however, the whole of yesterday the day before and today the bottom part of my belly is a little sore (not from having sex) it is a little hard/sort in place, I had only for a little bit of pain in both my sides and my belly it wasn’t a pain I couldn’t handle it felt more like a stitch! But I’m unsure, however today my left side what I ovulate from is a tad bit sore (however I have been sat down most the day)

I took a pregnancy test about two weeks ago just before I had my period and it came back negative 😭 I only took it as my boobs where very sore and I thought I was showing signs however I’m due again in just under 2 weeks do I take a test now or wait until my period to see if it comes or not?

Any advice to help a girl out??