The guitarist p5

After we get food we decide to drive around “ any place you want to go?” “ drivers choice” we drive for about half an hour before we decide to stop at a lake. It’s so isolated I’m not even sure the last time someone was here. We sit on the bonnet of his car and he wraps his arm around me “ you’re so pretty you know that?” He’s so adorable I blush hard “ Elliot you know we need to talk about don’t you” He takes a deep inhale “ yeah I know” I try to think of words to say but my minds running blank “ ok so I guess we can wait two weeks until it’s possible to take a test” “ that sounds like a good idea but until then, let’s pretend like this hasn’t happened?”I nod to agree but I knows there’s no possible way I can ignore this. We cuddle for a while before we end up spooning on the hood of his car, his head nuzzled into my neck, he softly kisses the back of my neck and oh gosh I love it. I push my ass against his member and he groans in pleasure “ god you’re such a fucking tease” he slips his hand under my shirt and cups my breast sucking on my neck while I grind on his dick as if gets harder and harder. Oh fuck I can’t take it I flip over and climb on top of him “ you’re driving me crazy little miss sexy” I lean down and kiss him, our lips burning with passion I slowly move my tongue into his mouth while I’m grinding “ baby I wanna ride you” “ be my bossy girl” I take off my pants and pull down down his to be met by his hard cock, I suck his balls a little to tease before I move my tongue up his shaft to his tip. I lick around it tasting his precum, before I shove his cock in my mouth, sucking his cock going slowly then moving faster “baby get your ass up here and ride my cock” I smirk for him “ I still have a condom left “ I pull one out of my jacket and open in, putting it onto his dick before I climb on top of him. His tip slips inside me and I let out a loud moan and clutch his shoulders “ we can be as loud as we want here Abby, I want you to be my dirty girl baby” he clutches my ass and moves my hips for me, the cars shaking with every movement. He moves my hips faster and we both start to moan load “ fuck me baby you’re so fucking wet” “ I want you to fuck me against the windscreen” I climb off him and he flips me around “ we’re making this car so fucking dirty” he whispers in my ear before sticking his cock in me I get chills down my spine “ mmmh Elliot baby I wanna be your dirty girl” he pounds me harder and begins to rub my clit, my pussy is getting wetter the harder and faster he goes and I feel a orgasm growing inside me “Elliot baby I’m gonna cum fuck me hard fuck me” he goes harder and faster “ ELLIOT OH GOD FUCK YES” I’m screaming I’m feeling so good, he fucks me so good so hard so fast. “BABY IM GONNA CUM” “YES BABY CUM ON ME! BABY IM GONNA CUM TOO CUM WITH ME” he’s fucking me hard with such a rhythm before he lets out a scream of a moan “ FUCK YES” I feel his dick pulse in me and it makes me cum so hard. We sit for a second before he pulls out of me, this time the condoms still in tact. We lay there together listening to the birds I can hear his heart beating and I feel so safe and warm.

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