I just wanna have a baby 😩


My fiancé and I have been trying since February and I’m just going to be honest here:

1. We weren’t really trying but weren’t trying to prevent it.

2. Started talking about starting a family of our own.

3.Started actually trying in March. (Without this app, without prenatal, and without preppreg which is another vitamin u can take to help boost fertility.)

4. Took test, faint line..... took another test... nothing.

5. And just to be sure, one more... nothing.

6. April, try again... (without vitamins)... nothing.

7. May, bought prenatal and preppreg vitamins also ovulation tests... and downloaded this app.

8. Take test. Nothing. Waited a few days just to be sure...Take test again, nothing...

So we are in the month of June now and I’m still taking the vitamins.... my period is always at the beginning of every month and my cycles are very much normal.. my fiancé and I have been working really hard this cycle..

Hoping this will be the month. When should I take a pregnancy test again? I’m so impatient...