Rainbow baby 5 years later. ❤️


After being diagnosed with PCOS at 16 I was immediately told due to my personal condition I would have a less than 2% chance of conceiving without fertility treatments. Well after a forgetful weekend of birth control 6 years ago we became pregnant however lost him at 4 months right around Fathers Day. 3 years ago we started following my cycles, however not actively trying as we have been working on building our lives and our careers together. In the last 45-60 days we actively started trying and I ordered the male fertility aid Conquer for my fiancé. We discussed if it didn’t work out we would start scheduling specialist appointments as we are both 26, getting married next May and SO ready to start a family. We just closed on our first home last Friday and this weekend we decided a test was a great option as I was 5 days late. His birthday is Monday and I don’t think I have ever been able to give him such an amazing present before. Ladies it WILL happen for you! Prayers and baby dust to all!